API WhatsApp With SAAS Model-Subscription Model



WhatsApp Business API with Green Batch

Advance Feature To Increase Sale And Marketing WhatsApp API Tool Kit  :

• End to End Customer communication
• Multi Dashboard Access
• Business API integration
•  Connect with over 2 billion users worldwide on their favorite platform
•  Integrate Whatsapp business API
•  Import contacts
•  Send and receive free chat messages during Customer Care window
•  Create multilingual templates
•  Send Notifications messages outside customer care window
•  Multi user support
•  Automated replies
•  Automated lead/enquiry mapping
•  Automated Lead creation and assignment
•  Send auto prompts to users to extend customer care window
•  Create auto chat at various lead activities like conversions, task completion, ticket
•  creation/resolution etc
•  Bulk messaging broadcast
•  Chatbot integration
The API, well-bundled with some advanced features for you lets you do a variety of things.

Notifications and Alerts:

You can choose from a range of preapproved templates to send alerts and notifications to your customers. WhatsApp has an average open rate of over 98%, making it most effective among all channels for sending crucial information like air tickets, payment reminder/confirmation, order updates etc.


As messaging becomes the new platform, chatbots naturally become the new app. You can automate a huge deal of your processes which includes but is not limited to customer support, onboarding, e-commerce transactions etc. Kit19 WhatsApp bot building tool, which is entirely free to use, comes handy if chatbot is a part of your strategy.

Custom integrations:

Do you have a satisfactory CRM tool but would love to add WhatsApp as one of your channels? Kit19 WhatsApp APIs just lets you do that. All your routing logic, user management, interface stays just the way it is with an additional channel that has over 1.5 billion users. This is the time to put your ‘go where the user is’ vision into action.


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