I STATE that I have READ, UNDERSTOOD, ACCEPT and ABIDE by the TERMS AND CONDITIONS, PRIVACY POLICY AND REFUND POLICY posted on the website www.ravendigitalmarketing.com, I hereby give an UNDERTAKING to THE COMPANY THAT I will not MISUSE the DATA provided in the DATABASE by THE COMPANY on www.ravendigitalmarketing.com, (said “Data”). I will keep the said data strictly CONFIDENTIAL and will not share it with anyone without authorisation of THE COMPANY. I will USE the DATA only for my business/service promotions/marketing and I will not spam any third party based on the data provided. I further UNDERTAKE that I will not conduct any ILLEGAL activities using the said DATA. If I come across any personal information of any person in the said DATA, I will immediately delete it and will not share or use the personal information of any person. I will also intimate the said fact to THE COMPANY.